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A New Movement of LifeCCS

A 12-week programme where children learn basic phonics skills, and parents/primary caregivers are equipped with methods and techniques to teach children how to read.


Our Programmes
Letters & Sounds

Sundays, 2.00pm-3.00pm

Blossom Seeds
105 CANBERRA STREET,#02-01/06

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A Movement of LifeCCS

Our Mission

We connect people to invest in the lives of children and youth

To build a healthy and enriching environment

for them to thrive in

To empower them with the tools and knowledge to create a lasting change in their lives and within the community

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Our Mission

Restore self-worth and confidence and then provide tools and resources to

Overcome their current predicament. Only then can they

Strengthen themselves socially, emotionally and physically and then

Energise them with Purpose and Passion.

All the above are dealing inward, when energised, then only can they look outward and start to

Serve others who are in the same predicament

A Movement of LifeCCS

Orange Clouds

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Empower Lives and Create Destinies
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