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LCCS GENERATIONS was birth with a vision to build bridges between generations. Over the years we have noticed a disconnect between generations and we understand that the only way to preserve families is by building bridges. LCCS Generations hopes to be that bridge that connects generations by organising platform for the different generations to connect. One of the key bridges is storytelling where Seniors get an opportunity to share their stories with the young. We also create environments for the young and seniors to interact and better understand each other.

LCCS GENERATIONS also Serves the Silver Generation by offering free health checks. The elderly and their family members can get professional counselling to manage their emotional health, personal and family challenges. 

LCCS Generations also organizes activities with the help of Health Promotion Board to promote a healthy lifestyle for seniors as well as the young. We also offer Services and Programs for the elderly who have little family and social support by working closely with MOH in developing integrated and holistic health and eldercare services and programs to address physical, emotional and mental needs. We also offer Befriending Services - Befrienders are volunteers who provide these services:

i.    make home visits
ii.    provide telephone befriending calls
iii.    organize outings
iv.    run errands
v.    distribute rations
vi.    refer appropriate services for socially-isolated seniors with little social support. 

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