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Life Centre Community  Services


Caring & Empowering Migrants

Migrant I-Care, formed by the late founder Reverend John Sam Stephen in 1970, reached out to the migrant community and built a strong bond with the Migrant Indian Community over meals.

In 1986, Reverend John, along with a few volunteers, started the first spoken English classes.

In 2010, Bro Selvraj, along with a few volunteers, launched Smyrna Assembly Mission Education (SAME) with the hopes of providing quality education to migrant workers, upskilling them, and building their confidence. Thousands of migrant workers have benefited from these classes at Smyrna Assembly.

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During the full course of the COVID-19 pandemic, our founder Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen, along with the executive director, reached out and served 30,000 migrant workers by providing them with food and needed mental health support.

Reverend Samuel, being the lead director of Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), championed the welfare of the migrant worker community in Singapore alongside Migrant I-Care, being the first major partner providing its resources and services. 

For the past two years, Migrant I-Care, which pioneered educational programs for migrant workers, has rebranded as HIA Learning Academy in collaboration with AGWO, benefiting thousands of migrant workers.

Core Purpose of I-CARE


  • Promoting social integration through the provision of social support networks and structures


  • Providing a platform for migrant workers to communicate through counselling and small groups. 


  • Providing interim humanitarian assistance and aid for distressed migrant workers


  • Advocating for fair resolution and assertion of migrant workers’ rights.


  • Empowering migrant workers with knowledge and skills.


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